I am a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge working primarily on metametaphysics. In particular, my dissertation explores, defends, and applies a ‘pragmatist’ approach to ontological questions concerning¬† numbers, ordinary objects, possible worlds, and other disputed entities. The view is a kind of deflationary, or ‘Neo-Carnapian’ metaontology which, I claim, allows for a promising new approach to ontological questions and can be defended from more ‘robustly’ realist positions like Ted Sider’s ‘ontological realism’.

My primary supervisor for the PhD is Professor Huw Price and the PhD is being generously funded under a studentship from Trinity College, Cambridge. Before starting my PhD, I completed the MPhil at Cambridge under the Ludwig Wittgenstein Studentship at Trinity College. I had the pleasure of being an undergraduate in philosophy at the University of St Andrews and I am originally from Chicago, USA.

I am currently a guest editor (with Carlo Rossi) of Sythese for a special issue on metaontology called ‘New Perspectives in Metaontology’ which is projected to be published in 2015. This special issue follows the conference I organized (again, with Carlo Rossi) in the spring of 2014 at Trinity College, Cambridge called ‘The Cambridge Metaontology Workshop’. During the 2013 – 2014 academic year I was co-secretary (with Shyane Siriwardena) of the Moral Sciences Club here in Cambridge. In Lent Term 2015 I will be lecturing on the rule-following considerations and the indeterminacy of meaning.



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